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About Art on U

Art on U was established in 2003 and arguably the first to offer face, hair, and body painting in the Philippines. Today, we are proud to offer the same services in sunny Southern California. Art on U began as a humble little service for friends and family, and only through word of mouth. Slowly, Art on U’s face, hair and, body painting service gained popularity so much so that event organizers and even corporations began to take notice.

Art on U has done work for a multitude of audiences, from that one person who just really wanted to win that contest during hlloween, to large corporate events with literally thousands of attendees. We have even been featured on a couple of television shows.

Today, Art on U has painted the faces, hair, and bodies of people from ages 0 to 76, over countless parties, events, exhibits, launchings, and tradeshows.

Art on U is not a big business by any means. We consider this a passion and a hobby first, and a business second. We do the painting ourselves; we don’t have “hired guns” so to speak. So Art on U is not around primarily to exploit the market and make ginormous profits from you. We actually enjoy what we do. Partly because of that, we make it a point to use the best materials and equipment. And we make it a point to put smiles on the faces of the people, not just art. We’d like to think our customers appreciate this. That’s probably why some customers seek Art on U year after year.

Art on U face, hair and body painting will enhance practically any type of event where art is appreciated. Art on U has made the day for people at all sorts of events, from painting for a small intimate birthday party, to creating human billboards (yes, women showing lots of skin riddled with corporate logos) at a fund raiser. So whatever your event, Art on U can probably brighten your day.